Rules & Regulations

All the students admitted into the institute will be under the complete disciplinary control of the Principal of the Institute or any other officer(s) appointed by him for the purpose and must conduct themselves in accordance with the disciplinary rules of the Institute as framed and notified by the Principal.

All the admitted students have to take an under-taking that they will abide by the rules and regulations prescribed by the Principal and any suitable action can be taken in this regard on the student due to their short comings by the Principal as deemed fit and necessary.

Some of the general disciplines/rules and regulations are as follows:

1. Students should attend their classes in the prescribed uniforms in time with utmost punctuality.
2. Students must be regular in all the classes.
3. Sessional records and assignments should be submitted regularly.
4. Students should always show courtesy to all the students, staff members and their senior students.
5. Institute and Hospital fees/dues (if any) should be cleared in  time.
6. Destruction of Institute and Hostel properties is strictly  prohibited and any one caught indulging in such activities can be fined or even expelled.
7. Stealing of others’ properties or forcible lending without the consent of the owner is forbidden and will be severely dealt with if ever such a case arises.
8. Consumption of any intoxicants like Cigarettes, Drugs, Alcohol, etc is strictly prohibited inside the campus, class-rooms and hostels.
9. Use of unfair means in the examination is not permitted and may lead to expulsion from the examination hall.
10. Any form of ragging in the institution, hostel and campus is strictly prohibited and shall be severely dealt with as per law..

In the case of violation of any one or some of the above rules and regulations, the student can be penalized with fine, suspension and even expulsion from the institute as deemed fit by the institute’s authority.