Crediting System

The following criteria are to be satisfied by a student to earn the credit for a course.

* For courses having end-term examination:

  1. a student must first satisfy the eligibility condition (ie. Obtain a minimum 75% attendance and 50% marks in Internal Assessment) for appearing in the examination and
  2. secure 40% marks in theory end-term examination and 50% marks in Practical end-term examination of the course separately in same examination in the scheme of evaluation

* For courses not having end-term examination – a student must secure 50% marks in the Internal Assessment for the course, as specified in the scheme of evaluation.

Performance of the Students

The performance of a student would be expressed in terms of ‘Credit point Average’ (CPA), which would be computed as below:

CPA (%) of a student for diploma program
∑(% of marks obtained in a course  X  No. of credits for the course)
=          --------------------------------------------------------------------------
∑( No. of credits in all the courses studied)

Award of the Diploma

A student who has successfully completed the study of a minimum number of courses and has earned the stipulated minimum number of credits for each category of courses (i.e. Foundation, Hard Core, Soft Core, Basic Technology, Applied Technology and Elective Courses) as per specified evaluation scheme of Diploma Program will be awarded Diploma Degree in the respective discipline by Manipur University or any other appropriate body.
4The students would be awarded classes on the basis of CPA (Credit Point Average) of a student, computed for the whole diploma program, as below:

75% and above First Class with distinction
60% and above and less than 75% First Class
Less than 60% Second Class